Increasingly patients are to unwell for private practice but are lost and need help navigating and understanding services and national guidelines. NB this service does not involve full assessment, treatment or a place on the caseload and is guidance only for sufferers or their families often at a critical early time in presentation before professionals are involved Risk assessment - advice accessing GP services and immediate safety plan and direction for patients who have not yet had any contact with professionals . Help and support whilst waiting to access services Advise on national guidelines and what you can expect This service can be accessed by professionals or other services eg school nurses who need advise urgently when concerns are first noticed. Telephone sessions pre bookable via e mail or text Drop in phone line live between 4 and 6 every Thursday in May/June for brief initial contact/queries


Over 40 years experience in supporting patients with eating disorders. Patient focused bespoke packages based on a variety of therapeutic interventions and if required physical monitoring and meal plan support. CBT informed treatment along with motivational interviewing and specialist supportive clinical management (SSCM). Specialist in supporting patients with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa but offer advisory assessment and second opinion reports for a range of presentations. NHS and private sector experience in both inpatient and community settings. Assessments and advice sessions can be accessed without an obligation of treatment. Carer support sessions available All ages accepted above 14 years old. Self referral welcome. GP involvement preferred during treatment


Experienced manager at operational as well as team level. Trouble shooting interim input for struggling services. Experience in service development and supporting teams through transitions. Short term ‘hit the ground running’ clinical work and/or complex case management. Expertise in liason with GP services and medical wards, physical monitoring programmes and naso gastric feeding and the application of MEED/NICE and MHA Skills managing referrals, gatekeeping and monitoring waiting lists for services Hours to suit your service budget and requirements. Skill set embracing all ages and working onsite or online in the new hybrid world. Staff supervision and training for specialist services. Occupational health support for companies and business environments. Skilled and experienced interviewer and can assist in recruitment processes and work in your organisation to ‘fill gaps’ whilst recruitment takes place. Core registration as a mental health nurse. Masters Level degree in advanced nursing. NMC registered, RCN indemnity and recently revalidated. If you are a service needing specialist eating disorder input from a clinically and managerially mature and experienced clinician I am happy to discuss bespoke hours and input to suit your service.


CLINICAL PRIVATE PRACTICE ( face to face, telephone or online) Pre assessment phone call free of charge Assessment and report (90 minutes) - £200 Individual treatment sessions - £80 per 75 minute session Carers support - £50 per 60 minute session FINDING YOUR WAY/ACUTE ADVISORY/NAVIGATING SERVICES - pre booked telephone sessions £30 for 30 minutes /£45 per 45 minutes (double or bespoke sessions on request and reductions for ongoing telephone advise 6 sessions or more) DROP IN LINE - free of charge for initial contact CONSULTANCY/INTERIM/TRAINING Fees based on your service needs - individual fee structures hourly or based on objectives to be delivered.